Style Frames

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Styleframes are storyboard designs created in the conceptual phase of a project to give a client a solid idea of what the finished product could be like.  As you can see from the wide variety of styles pictured here, my capabilities range from action-packed, high-energy designs to corporate creations with an emphasis on luxury and convenience.

Light in Motion

Sleek. Sophisticated. Unafraid. Those are words that perfectly describe this collection of Audi – Light in Motion styleframes. Peter Saville, a renowned graphic designer promotes Audi Sedan with light in motion. A series of photos, showcasing its aerodynamic edge and superior performance.  Aired on the Audi Channel, the show catalogues the design of the Light in Motion campaign.  Photographed on-scene at Battersea Power Station, London.
Audi-3 Audi-2 Audi-1 audi-5

Total Rugby

Rugby fandom knows no bounds.  This title sequence storyboard was created for Total Rugby, a global broadcast program aired weekly on Sky Sports. Covering everything from the Six Nations and IRB Sevens World Series to World Cup Qualifiers, this design was created to generate excitement and engagement. The title sequence showcases the gritty nature of the sport while capturing close-ups of intense plays in

Nissan QASHQAI Challenge

The QASHQAI challenge is Europe’s first ever free-ride event tour for mountain bikers. This alternative title sequence combines red-hot energy with scenic, grunge-style city backgrounds, and effortlessly blends car, rider and environment together in a simple, straightforward message that engages audiences and generates excitement.


Stars of the Silver Screen

Who doesn’t wish they had an insider’s glimpse of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous”? This retrospective documentary captures the iconic and often secretive lives of silver-screen stars from the golden age of film.  In these styleframes, floating screens pay homage to the past by combining to form images of well-known stars, then blending to form a film reel, as a testament to the heritage of the film industry, and the people who made it memorable.sotss

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