Bing is for Doing

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This short film wastes no time grabbing attention and getting customers excited about the new Windows 7 phone.  By showing how seamlessly the phone fits in with everyday, hectic life, this short film showcases a variety of features into a small time slot.  Other important features of this mobile device are its swift search engine, coupled with easy-to-read maps, nearby shops and reviews, and even direct translation of a local cuisine menu from Cantonese to English.

Beyond places to dine and visit, the film also presents Bing’s intelligent song matching capabilities, available just by letting it “hear” a snippet of what’s playing. Crunched for time? The new phone also displays alternative routes if the typical way home is down.  With such a focus on getting more fun done along with sudden changes in plans, it’s no secret that Bing really is for doing.

  • Client: Microsoft Bing
  • Filed under: Advertising, Digital, Motion Graphics