Bing is Beautiful

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Imagine a picturesque rainforest, with its many wild and vibrant colors. The tropical breeze blowing on the beach as a curious tree frog comes to investigate what’s happening.  As a search is done, Bing’s homepage morphs into a gorgeous display that delivers a fresh, bold and invigorating view of the world, right from one’s desktop.  Tropical birds and butterflies further enhance the experience as the Bing search morphs into instant video previews, right from the convenience of home.

Why preview vacation destinations on a pale, white, uninviting screen? Bing highlights how quick it is to get your holidays sorted while finding out what’s going on with local sports teams and pubs, so you’re never far from where you want to be.

bingb-1 bingb-2

  • Client: Microsoft Bing
  • Filed under: Branding, Digital, Motion Graphics