Hello! My name is Leonario Fernandes

I’m a independent art director, motion designer and animator

My passion for all things animation continues to grow from illustration to multi-screen presentations, to broadcast design and everything in between. I have almost a decade of industry experience and classically trained as a print designer, with an honours degree from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Take a look at my extensive portfolio to see what I’m capable of!

I live in London and freelance as a creative designer for design studios, advertising agencies,
production companies, and direct-to-client.


My client list includes a wide range of small production houses and large corporate entities. Their projects have given me the opportunity to expand my skill set in creating captivating graphics that get consistent results.

Clients include: AOL, Aston Martin, Audi, BAT, Bing, Catlin, CBS, Diageo, Disney, EA Games, Fiat, Fisher-Price, Ford, General Mills, Goodyear, LeapFrog, Magma, Mattel, Microsoft, The National Lottery, NBC Universal, Nike, O2, Samsung, Sky, Symbian, T-Mobile, uSwitch, Virgin Media…

Here is a short list of some Agencies, production companies and post-houses, that I have worked with:

Banaa Split Productions
Brand & Deliver
Concise Media Design
Joshua G2
NBC Universal
British Sky Broadcast
Smoke & Mirrors
Sony Computer Entertainment
Tilling Productions